ShredIt X App Reviews

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This is the one use no other

I have had this app a while now and paid little attention to it untill recently. I have downloaded and bought numerous file shredding programs . Tried them all. Then i decided to try file shredder and let me say this file shreddder is no joke. it is the real thing. it takes a while to shred a file using the highest rate of passes. While it is shredding it changes the contents of the folders into strange random numbers then it changes the contents into shrange numbers. this program is the only one to trust. The rest just claim to do what they say but don’t. Shredt x looks simple but don’t let the looks fool you.

I like! Shred Files, Folders, Flash Drives, SD Cards, CDs and more!

Easy to use and I like that it will shred (Very Securely) files and folders and even clear free space on your hard drive, memory cards and even CDRW/s. The best selling point for me was the 15 years experience. This is probably the most expensive app I've purchased but I though to myself what could one privacy accident cost? I will sleep better! I need to reserach the different types (you can pick different levels of shredding protection) to make sure I have what I need.

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